We are the MMASC

Since 1984 the MMASC has been the leading tournament circuit in the Midwest.

The M.M.A.S.C. is a well known and highly respected sport karate circuit that operates as a non-profit organization. Proceeds from fees go back to the competitor in awards and prizes. Tournament excellence starts with proper time management of the rings and divisions. No long gaps in any ring means that the tournament will go smoothly and conclude on time. All rings have quality judges from all styles giving honest results in open competition in over 100 separate divisions - which include sparring, Kata, karate flag, grappling, weapons, and musical demonstrations.
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Best promoters

The M.M.A.S.C. Prides itself on having some of the best and most experienced promoters. It's takes a lot of time and effort to put together a tournament.
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Latest Videos

Here is a few of the world class competitors from the current 2014 competition year.


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